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All the houses are active live-in labs where students and academic join forces with municipalities, industry, innovators, governmental bodies across borders in an effort to solve some of the most pressing sustainability issues of the day.
Lindbergs House
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

This old house from the 1960’s will be retrofitted and turned into a living lab, hopefully resulting in the most sustainable house in the country.

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KTH Live-in Lab
Stockholm, Sweden

KTH Live-In Lab aims to reduce the lead times between test/research results and market introduction.

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New house soon!
City, Country

Another exiting Green Student-House will be added here shortly. If you think your house belongs here, feel free to contact us!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate an Arctic network of university-based lived-in dormitory laboratories where university students live and conduct scientific experiments in cooperation with local municipalities and governmental organizations, businesses, innovators and researchers – across borders. The network will take the form of online communication, meet-ups, conferences and exchanges of visiting students and researchers between the houses.

Sustainable Dormitories

Green Student-House will provide sustainable and environmentally conscious university dormitories that encourage students to engage with how they impact their surroundings.

True Engaged Scholarship

Living, and actively participating, in a real-world experimental environment will engage both students and participating scholars in an instinctual, purposeful and reflexive manner.

Community Engagement

Through an approach of co-creation where research and innovation is integrated, scholars, neighbors, businesses, municipalities and government can come together to impact the community.

Arctic Collaboration

A network of Green Student-Houses can collaborate on best practices online or through conferences, arrange joint research projects and accommodate exchange of students and researchers.

…and our Vision.

Our vision is to expand on the concept of Living Labs by combining it with university student dormitories – in the process creating living and lived-in places of cooperative academic research that utilize engaged scholarship and multidisciplinary dialogue to combat a wide array of sustainability issues.

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Martin Mohr Olsen

Project Manager