Accommodations at Lindbergs Hús

About the house

Lindberg’s House belongs to the University of the Faroe Islands. The house is part of the Green Student-House Network and functions as a living lab for the university and students. Students are encouraged to build and conduct experiments that can help illustrate how sustainability can be practiced.

The house is slated for a major renovation in the near future. More about this project here.


Rooms in Lindberg’s House are reserved for foreign students attending the University of the Faroe Islands. At the moment, this primarily relates to the West Nordic Studies: Governance and Sustainable Management course.

In case of vacancies, rooms will be made available to short-term renters from abroad affiliated with the University of the Faroe Islands and it’s collaborating partners; students, researchers and professors.


Prospective students affiliated with the West Nordic Studies promgramme, should inquire about availability and the details of the booking process from the financial office. (

Please be advised that the minimum charge is one month’s rent, even if your stay is less than a month.


Size: Small
Price/m: 2.000dkk


Size: Regular
Price/m: 2.500dkk


Size: Regular
Price/m: 2.500dkk


Size: Double
Price/m: 3.000dkk



Lindberg’s House is located in central Tórshavn. The address is Suðuroyavegur 3 (see map for details).

From the Airport: either book a taxi (200dkk) or take the blue bus (95dkk) to Tórshavn Bus Terminal.

From the Bus Terminal: walk, take the red #3 bus (free) or book a taxi (90-130dkk).


Renters will have communal access to:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining / Living room
  • Entrance and hallway
  • Shower
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry room
  • Basement