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Lindberg’s House were donated to the University of the Faroe Islands in 2000. Since then, they have been used as a dormitory for students from abroad and visiting researchers.

A project to retrofit the house was launched in April of 2016. The house is to be modernized in such a way that they become as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

The plan is for the house to become a case study of how older Faroese houses can become both sustainable and environmentally friendly as the country makes its move towards renewable energy. The house will be monitored and used for research in every step of the retrofitting process.

We hope that the house will become a hub of research and curiosity for students, teachers, businesses, municipalities and governmental agencies.

This website was launched in an effort to provide those interested with a lens into the goings-on inside the house and the projects affiliated with it.


While Lindberg’s House is primarily used as a dormitory, is has also become an exciting location for elective courses offered by the University of the Faroe Islands.

Students choosing the elective courses at Lindberg’s House are expected to research aspects of modern living, housing and communal cooperation that benefit the house or the neighborhood.

Projects can be practical or theoretical and students are expected to be able to do their own research and find their own academic materials. Contact your university course coordinator for more information.

Examples of projects that have successfully been completed at the house so far are; Growing potatoes in the garden using sheep droppings, the construction of two aquaponics-systems in the basement, mushroom-growing in the basement and a self-composting composter in the garden.

To learn more about the projects, feel free to visit the projects-page.


The Lindberg’s House is an active place with a lot of different active and completed projects. In the spirit of open source, everything that we can share publicly will be uploaded to this site.

In the materials repository you will find news articles, television interviews, student-made instructional videos, technical drawing and plans, images and notes from meetings.

Feel free to make use of these materials in your own projects or assignments.


Lindberg’s House also functions as a dormitory for students from abroad and visiting students and researchers.

The are currently four rooms, of varying sizes, in the house available for rental. Please consult the accommodations-page for more information about availability.